Welcome to Hantypen.net!

This will be my home from now on, hopefully..
I’ll try to keep this site updated and alive, brimming with new content and exciting Starcraft 2 stuff!
Hopefully I’ll be able to organize lots of tournaments and fun stuff with you guys!

You can already head over to the gifchest, where I have collected some golden moments from Altiboxligaen!
And if you’re from Norway, and want to play som Starcraft, then you watch out for Hantycup! Hantycup are fun little tournaments I’ll be hosting, that’ll run for five weeks total. There will be some prizes, and although there is no set prizepool yet, I can tell you that it’ll be glorious!

That’s it for now, but hopefully there is way more content to come on this site!
Stay Tuned!

The Legendary Hanty